Kiwanis Meadow Trail (8/13/20) – Sarah Peterson

A small group of birders visited the Kiwanis Meadow trail off the Sandia Crest Road today in search of the American Three-toed woodpecker. The Kiwanis trail is about 200 yards south on the Ellis trail from the parking lot.

While we were unsuccessful in our search for the woodpecker we had a great time and saw many other birds; a plus was the the weather which was cool and such a relief from the heat of Albuquerque. Mountain Chickadees and Dark-eyed Juncos were very plentiful. Ruby- crowned Kinglets abounded and even an Golden-crowned Kinglet showed up. We had trouble deciding on the bird of the day but I think it was the family of Brown Creepers others thought it might have been the White-throated Swifts near the cabin.

BTW, the small group wore masks the entire time.

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One Response to Kiwanis Meadow Trail (8/13/20) – Sarah Peterson

  1. Glenda Morling says:

    That was a fun trip! The trail was beautiful. The White-throated swifts were a real treat, but to see three Brown Creepers together was unusual too. We also always love to see the Green-tailed Towhees up there!
    We are looking forward to returning to find the Three-toed Woodpecker. That would be a life bird for us.

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