Thursday Birders

Due to the COVID-19 health threat, CNMAS is following guidelines issued by the National Audubon Society and suspending all group activities until further notice. This includes outside and indoor activities.

We have recently (August 2020) started a Thursday Birders Blog as a means to stimulate communication and discussion among Thursday Birders during the pandemic restrictions and may continue it in the future if there is sufficient interest. Please click the link to follow the discussion and submit your comments.

To subscribe or unsubscribe for notifications of new blog posts, send an email to Anyone wishing to submit a blog posting is encouraged to submit text (and any accompanying photos) to

For a short history of the Thursday Birders and species seen over the years, visit our “About Thursday Birders” page.

Assuming the COVID-19 activity restrictions will remain in place through Fall, 2020, the following is a list of suggested locations for individual birding for the next three months. (Click the highlighted locations for more detailed descriptions.)


Ojito de San Antonio Open Space
Willow Creek Bosque Open Space

Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area
Embudito Canyon

Open Space Visitor Center
Durand Open Space

Pueblo Montano Open Space
Copper Trailhead Open Space

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park
Embudo Canyon

Paseo del Bosque Shining River Access Point
Sandia District Ranger Station

Corrales bosque off East Ella
Bear Canyon

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
Alameda Open Space

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
Otero Canyon

Embudito Canyon
Calabacillas Arroyo

Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area
Elena Gallegos Open Space

Bernardo Waterfowl Management Area
Los Poblanos Fields Open Space

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