Every spring Central New Mexico Audubon Society sponsors the Birdathon as the major fundraiser of the year. The goal of a Birdathon is to see as many bird species as possible in a 24-hour period while raising money for a special cause.

2022 Birdathon!

May 8-15, 2022

Like the movie Groundhog’s Day, we’re doing a repeat of the 2021 Birdathon again this year. We still want to preserve some of the best things about Birdathon while protecting ourselves and others from Covid-19. Again, it looks like small groups are allowed and travel is less restricted. Again, each of us will decide whether to participate as an individual or a team.

Give yourself or your team a Birdathon name and choose one 24-hour period between May 8 and May 15 to record all the birds you see in New Mexico, whether from your home or farther afield. May 14 is Audubon’s Global Big Day, so you can also be part of that effort if you choose. We will tally your lists to declare two winners: the individual who sees the most species and the team that sees the most species. Two modest prizes will be awarded, as well as bragging rights!

Each individual and team can solicit pledges of donations from their colleagues, friends and family, often based on the number of species seen. The Birdathon proceeds go toward conservation and education projects in central New Mexico. Again this year our proceeds will go to Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area in Valencia County. Whitfield is doing important work not only restoring and preserving valuable habitat but reaching young people and families who might have few other opportunities to experience nature. Donations can be made on the CNMAS web page,, with a note that the donation is for Birdathon and the team name. Checks can be mailed to CNMAS, P.O. Box 30002, Albuquerque, NM 87190-0002, again with a note.

Compile your checklist for the day, including the locations you birded and your team name, and email it to Please have your checklists submitted by May 22, 2022. Happy birding!

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